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had convenience store pizza today. it didnt sucked as much as i was expecting


Had a bit of a think about my principles and priorities website-wise. Long story short is I've turned off the redirect for chrome-based browsers. I've got a few reasons for doing this, chief among them being that I don't want to lock out people who have to use chrome because they don't have total control over their computers or rely on chrome-only accessibility tools or whatever, and also if I'm gonna use my website as a link hub it seems a bit counterproductive to block, statistically, most internet users from seeing it.

Also updated my recent blog post about Unity's latest fiasco. I felt like the second section was a little more of an unhinged rant than I was going for, so I rewrote it to hopefully come off a bit more level-headed and explain my point better.

I've also decided to start removing journal entries past the fifth one from this page. There are some things I want to stay on the internet forever, but in-depth accounts of my life are not one of them. Someone remind me to automate that.

I saw a fox on my way home from work today, so that was cool.


It was my birthday a couple days ago! I'm 21 now. I can drink in the States I guess, though I'm hoping that never comes up. My dad celebrated the occasion by taking me out to look at cars. This was complicated somewhat by two factors: One, I'm a fucking colossus and all human infrastructure is designed specifically to be just barely too small for me, and two, I live in fucking semi-rural North America and all you can get new here is huge SUVs and even huger pickup trucks.

First place I went was a Toyota dealership and the only thing I could fit comfortably in was the biggest damn SUV on the lot. In everything else my legs tried to clip through the steering wheel. Next and final place I looked at was a GM dealership. I had more luck fitting in things there, partly because it was also all big SUVs.

None of the SUVs were ever in consideration, really. Not if I could help it. I fucking despise big vehicles for reasons avid Not Just Bikes viewers will be familiar with. The only thing I could find all day that I liked was this little VW Golf that someone had presumably traded in for one of the hulking behemoths it was sharing a lot with. It's surprisingly roomy in there - I had to almost max out the settings on the seat but I was more comfortable in that thing than most of the Toyotas. It was like a family SUV, but half the size.

I didn't buy anything. Besides the fact that I don't want to impulse buy a fucking car, my city isn't a very good place to shop for used cars, especially not of the type I actually want. I'd probably be able to find a better deal in the one nearby-ish big city, plus I'd like to shoot for a hybrid if I can swing it, something that more or less does not exist here. Fun learning experience though.

Work's good. I was right about the reduced hours being temporary, so I'm back to normal on that front now. The store manager says they keep getting temperature alerts from the walk-in fridge, which confuses me - I went in there and scanned everything with the thermometer and everything's fine. I don't know where they've put the temperature probe they're using but I suspect the reading off it isn't representative.

Being a computer toucher is fucking exhausting, dude. Did you know Unity wants to charge developers for installs of their games now? I wrote a blog post about it. Hopefully now I can stop thinking about that now. I'll try to do a positive one next time.


Been a minute. A few website updates, but mostly minor stuff. One big thing: I've been thinking about image formats some and I've decided to replace a bunch of larger images where quality isn't hugely important such as backgrounds with JPEGs instead of PNGs like I had before in order to reduce the load on peoples' internet connections. I kept everything as PNG for a long time out of principle because JPEG objectively isn't very good in terms of quality, but you cant deny the filesize advantages and there are frankly greater evils in the space right now. Speaking of, I've also made the profoundly optimistic decision to also include JPEG XL versions of each image, for which the standard JPEGs act as fallbacks. This still results in a significantly smaller filesize per image visible on the website than PNGs, amazingly.

On a related note, people attempting to visit my website on a Chromium-based browser may have noticed that it's been replaced by a single page urging them to stop doing that. I had a little popup about this before, but with Chromium getting exponentially more evil of late I felt the need to take a more aggressive stance.

I configured my reverse proxy to automatically redirect all clients with "Chrome" user agent strings to that page. This isn't hard to circumvent if you know what you're doing, and that's part of the point - as the article explains, Google wants to create a world where workarounds like that are impossible. I fully believe at this point that using Chromium-based browsers is tantamount to contributing to Google's stranglehold on the free web, but I feel like trying to make it actually impossible to access my website using them would run counter to the principles I'm espousing here, if the measures I've taken don't already.

Work's been alright. I'm getting fewer hours than I'd like, but I have my reasons to believe that's a temporary arrangement. Nothing much else to report. It's been pretty uneventful for the most part, which I'm interpreting as a good thing. No news is good news.

So I was wrong about Invidious in my last entry - I gave Google WAY too much credit, lol. Turns out all they did is blocked a handful of big Invidious instances. That's all. The software still works, and Invidious has been updated to detect that it's been blocked and link you to another instance so Google's bullshittery is barely a roadbump.

I played a game called Purrgatory recently. It's pretty good. meow/10

Had to fly out for a wedding recently, and the experience has left me with a renewed hatred for every wretched part of that sordid system. If I could down a plane using 110ml of toothpaste, I would consider doing so a tragic waste of my talents. Oh, and there's also the fact that for someone of my freakishly colossal height most airplane seats have negative legroom. North American transcontinental high speed rail network when


June's been pretty good. My manager is finally scheduling me better, for one thing. I also bought a network switch for my room to hook my 3D printer up to the LAN, and I'm a huge fan of its network functionality thus far. No more futzing around with the included flash drive for me!

I don't know why I didn't mention this sooner, but I set up a Calckey instance a couple months ago. It's my new main Fediverse account. I quite like the user experience, but the moderation tools leave a bit to be desired coming from Akkoma with its Message Rewrite Facility. Not like I need to do much moderating, though.

I also set up a Radicale server. I set my family up with accounts on it so we can all enter relevant events into a shared calendar. If you're a Radicale admin and you're wondering how to do that, basically each user gets their own folder in Radicale's directory, and you just need to make a calendar and symlink it into the folder for everyone you want to share it with. Also, did you know iOS has native support for CalDAV integration? Rare W for Apple there.

I'm glad I didn't make that Invidious instance I mentioned back in January. Apparently Youtube went and broke the method Invidious uses to grab Youtube videos. Or they just blocked Invidious specifically, somehow. Either way, Piped still works. lol. Anyway, fuck Youtube. Anyone know any good Peertube instances?

I've been working on some music recently, a little. Here's a preview of the song I'm working on:

I actually got that guitar-sounding noise by looping a short drum sample really fast and putting it through Paranoia Mangler, a bitcrusher plugin that comes standard with Reaper. I've gotta use this technique more often. It produces some of my favourite sounds.


Let's get the bitching about work out of the way up front: my boss has been scheduling me full time for the past four weeks now despite knowing full well I'm supposed to be working part time, and furthermore he had me working six consecutive days just now. Any more of this shit and I will straight up quit. Fuck you bro

In brighter news, my finger's pretty much healed. That's pretty much it actually, between work and resting between shifts at work I haven't really had the time or energy to do much else. Remind me to burn down the capitalist system sometime.

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