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got the coolest fucking glasses ever (they have cat ears on them)
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Pulled a badass 3-disc CD changer/AM-FM radio/tape deck combo stereo system out of storage today for the purpose of digitizing some old cassete tapes my dad had laying around so I could tape over one of them in order to use another, vintage tape deck he also has for some reason to generate authentic lo-fi FX™ to use in my music.

That project's on hold for the moment, though, since my audio interface apparently has two mono inputs, and getting stereo audio into it requires running a splitter, which I presently don't have, into both, so I'm waiting on one I ordered online to continue with that. Regardless, I didn't actually have a dedicated CD player despite my extensive collection, so this thing has earned a place atop the cabinet where I store them.

A turn-of-the-century RCA home stereo system consisting of two bookshelf speakers and a central unit featuring a 3-disc CD changer, an AM/FM radio, and dual tape decks for dubbing, as well as five EQ presets and a "Super Bass" button.

While my dad was demonstrating its functions to me, he implied it must seem strange and archaic to me, like when his dad would show him the old reel-to-reel projector while he was growing up in the '80s, which seems a weird comparison to make given I own literally dozens of CDs and remember using this exact unit growing up. Though, it's not like I ever touched the tape deck.

Speaking of my music, I've actually started making it again! I'm close to finishing the third of a planned four of these EPs I've been doing with the eponymous basic-shape-headed Guy on the cover. Only problem is I'm having a hard time coming up with cube-related wordplay I could use for a name. Fortunately, for reasons that will become clear when it releases, album #4 will not have this problem.


Migrated my Firefish server to Sharkey today. I had to spend a while stumbling blindly through the totally foreign territory of docker and postgres, but it worked out surprisingly well in the end, except that I managed to delete all the media with a careless rm -rf. Whoops.

I also recently bought my first Lego set in the better part of a decade, at the recommendation of this blog post by Kalechips. I don't have much to say about them beyond what's covered there, but I absolutely love them. Definitely one of the better ways I could have spent a hundred Canadian FunBucks™.

Roughly to-scale sized Lego models of a blue morpho butterfly, a hercules beetle, and a chinese mantis.


I have this old pair of Skullcandy Crusher headphones that stopped working a few years ago due to some issue with the 3.5mm jack, and it recently occured to me that I finally have the tools to fix it! When I opened it up I noticed the port had lifted almost entirely off the motherboard and after soldering the pins back in place (and a generous application of hot glue, just in case) it works like new again! Credit to Skullcandy, all eight of the screws I had to remove were completely identical.


Did a shell swap on my Switch and joycons yesterday. Check it out!

Front view of a Nintendo Switch with clear plastic shells on the joycons Back view of a Nintendo Switch with clear plastic shells on the joycons and console

I think it looks pretty cool. I got the shells from a company called eXtremeRate which apparently makes full kits for this kind of mod. I thought I was just getting the plastic parts but they came with tons of extra screws and a screwdriver with the relevant bits, and they publish guides! Given I found this through a random Amazon listing, I am pleasantly surprised. Highly recommend their stuff.


When I post a guide on my blog and the tutorial part starts with a header reading "How to do it" that's a reference to this btw

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