Time warp

v1 - Old, slow, basically just a carrd page on steroids. Made heavy use of float initially. Ugh.

v2 - Slick as hell but entirely Javascript-dependent. This is where my webpage became a website.


Piracy Now! Best viewed with a computer get VLC now! Best heard through a 3.5mm jack Tested on Firefox No WebP! Just use PNG Web Pi Certified Neocities: The web is yours 100% hand coded HTML Don't you hate it when you're reading a page and then some-- This content is for subscribers only! Paywalls Gatekeep Knowledge. I support right to repair Stand up to Google! Fight for open web standards! Fight for online privacy! Fight against monopolistic practices! Google Chrome is evil! I hate Microsoft Windows 11 No! This is an Anti-NFT site Keep the web free, say no to web3 Powered by AMD Linux powered Powered by Dr Pepper Powered by the void Kris where tf are we W3C Bad HTML Markup Ban Time Travel "Now" CSS is awesome USA Today Hot Site Shrimp Now! Canadian on the web You're telling me a queer coded this Aromantic pride flag Nonbinary pride flag
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