things too!


rssfilter.php Basic RSS and Atom feed filtering utility. Accepts regex.
firefoxrss RSS bridge for Firefox release notes.

Downloads Custom resourcepack for Minecraft that uses functionality from Optifine to add custom textures for enchanted tools and weapons. Confirmed working with 1.19.
webpkiller/ Various scripts intended for use as the default program for opening .webp files. They automatically replace the .webp image with a .png one and open that instead. Incompatible with animated .webp images. Bash script for Linux. Only works on .webp files. Requires ImageMagick to be installed.
webpkiller.cmd Batch script for Windows. Only works on .webp files. Requires ImageMagick. Replaces every instance of ".webp" in the filepath because Windows batch language is hard. Platform-agnostic Python script. Requires Python 3 and the pillow library to be installed, supports anything they do., but compiled for Windows with pyinstaller. Bash script for Linux to copy my entire music library including album covers, using ffmpeg to convert all the audio to mp3s.


neon_boost_times.html A table of my level times in the game Neon Boost, in case you care.
Stylus theme I made for, the site behind the little status widget on my blog, and the attached forum.