about me


Hello there! I generally go by deep twisty (more on that later) or some variation of "isopod" or "bathynomus" on this here internet. (she/it/they pronouns :) ) I like to make stuff on the computer, like music, or art, or this website. I've heard rumors calling me such things as "canadian", "autistic", and "incalculably talented". I cannot confirm or deny any of these allegations.

What's a "deep twisty"?

"deep twisty" is a pseudonym I came up with to post my music and such things under. At this point it exists largely as a way to compartmentalize my online identity such that I can link my art to people who I might not want seeing all this. It comes from some tweets from an official Subnautica twitter account where they referred to the then-work-in-progress Deep Twisty Bridges biome as just "deep twisty". I thought it sounded funny. Funny enough to brand myself on, apparently.

About the site

This website is written in pure HTML, CSS, and a tiny bit of Javascript with the server-side stuff done in PHP. It (and everything else I host) is hosted using Nginx on a VPS with 4GB of RAM and 2 CPU cores running Ubuntu Server, with domains registered with Porkbun.

You can read about the history of this thing here.

I was helped immensely in building this thing by W3Schools, the MDN Web Docs, the official PHP manual, LandChad.net, Stack Overflow, and whatever disgusting bottom-feeding SEO leech sites came up first in the search results.


"Most of it goes over my head, but it's still fun to read and look at, and I am not immune to isopods."-Kalechips
"Furry behavior"-Seaslug
isopod isopod isopod isopod isopod isopod isopod isopod isopod-Twiggy