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Easy USSR A comprehensive beginner's guide to Legally Acquiring Media
12ft.io Show me a 10ft paywall, I'll show you a 12ft ladder.
LandChad.net A collection of tutorials for setting up various self-hosted services.
3DS Hacks Guide A comprehensive guide for modding 2ds and 3ds consoles. I know it's legit because I used it on mine.
hShop A repository of software for your freshly hacked 3ds
switching.software A curated list of alternatives to popular software and services from companies like Google and Amazon.
Awesome Selfhosted A comprehensive list of self-hosted alternatives to various software.
Newpipe & Invidious Better YouTube frontends for Android and the browser respectively.
Hype Machine Merch Table Scans a Spotify playlist and links the Bandcamp page of any artist in it who has one.
Dark Pattern Games A database of mobile games that flags them for predatory design patterns.
RegExr A website to test regular expressions for you
How old is it? For when your prospective employer asks for 10 years of FastAPI experience.
Reverse Interview A list of questions to ask at (tech) job interviews
based.cooking A recipe website without all the typical recipe website garbage.
8mbvideo Compresses any video file just enough to comply with Discord's filesize limits.
jort.link A shield to prevent accidental DDOSing of links posted to the fediverse
Does the dog die? A crowdsourced database of content warnings for media
Unconsenting Media Similar to doesthedogdie but for sexual violence in particular


Emoji Kitchen A litany of different emoji fusions. Some of my favourites are , , and
corru.observer Some kind of browser-based RPG, or something. It's real good, play it
Burning Text Generator Does this (the text is on fire)
Zalgo Text Generator Does t̵̝̻̘͒̓̈́h̵͇͙͔́̾i̵͎̪̞͊́̾s̵̫̼̀̾
crouton.net crouton
cornonthec.observer/ corn on the cob server
Dracula Daily Read Bram Stoker's Dracula in real time, in your email inbox.
Wobble Town A cute little virtual pet!
Cornell Lab Bird Cams Live bird cams!
Snailets font The best font
Imgflip is DEAD A clone of Imgflip's meme generator, "because watermarks and tracking suck".
iNaturalist An extensive crowdsourced library of high-quality photos of over 400,000 species of plants and animals
Space Cadet Pinball Windows XP Space Cadet Pinball, reverse engineered to run in your browser!
trilobites.info Trilobite knowledge!
shrimpcam.app Shrimp cam!
Hawking Radiation Calculator Calculator for properties of a black hole
Metazooa Wordle but for animal species!
Edible Colors HTML colors sorted by edibility

More stuff

Yesterlinks A user-curated directory of nearly 600 off-the-beaten-path websites, formerly hosted by the Yesterweb project.
Marginalia Search [Random] A custom-built search engine for small, non-commercial websites.
ooh.directory A directory of nearly 2,000 blogs about every topic.
Vincent's Dungeon/links
Unapothecary Link Directory