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Me My art page
@aceopod My Tumblr account My personal fediverse instance My Bandcamp page. If you want to support me, you can buy my music here.
deep twisty The Youtube channel for my music
Willem My Youtube channel for other stuff
deeptwistygaming My Twitch channel My page My public email address. Say hi!


People with cool websites and websites with cool people


Easy USSR A comprehensive beginner's guide to Legally Acquiring Media
Burning Text Generator Does
Zalgo Text Generator Does t̵̝̻̘͒̓̈́h̵͇͙͔́̾i̵͎̪̞͊́̾s̵̫̼̀̾ crouton
Dracula Daily Read Bram Stoker's Dracula in real time, in your email inbox.
3DS Hacks Guide A comprehensive guide for modding 2ds and 3ds consoles. I know it's legit because I used it on mine.
hShop A repository of software for your freshly hacked 3ds
Wobble Town A cute little virtual pet!
Newpipe A better YouTube client for Android A curated list of alternatives to popular software and services from companies like Google and Amazon.
Cornell Lab Bird Cams Live bird cams!
RegExr A website to test regular expressions for you
Snailets font The best font
Imgflip is DEAD A clone of Imgflip's meme generator, "because watermarks and tracking suck".
iNaturalist An extensive crowdsourced library of high-quality photos of over 380,000 species of plants and animals Show me a 10ft paywall, I'll show you a 12ft ladder.
How old is it? For when your prospective employer asks for 10 years of Vue experience.
8mbvideo Compresses any video file just enough to comply with Discord's filesize limits.
Reverse Interview A list of questions to ask at (tech) job interviews
Yesterlinks More cool links