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100% RealTrue™ statistics

Height 194cm
Storage space 47TiB
Desktop environment GNOME (Wayland)
Layout ANSI 75% + Knob + External numpad
Switches Keychron K Pro Brown
Firmware QMK
CDs owned 92
Consoles modded 2
Computers upgraded 2
Computers downgraded 1
Domains owned 5
Talent [Integer overflow error]
Bitches 0
Species Bathynomus Giganteus
Pronouns she/it/they
Gender I lost it in the accident
3.5mm headphone jack yes
Audio channels mono
Font family mono
Sodium glutamate 7.1 surround
Drop rates 1-3 bags of Doritos - 80%
Wired earbuds - 10%
Random Linux install media - 1%
Efficiency rating 80+ Gold
Home address 12h 28m 24.97s, +31° 28′ 37.7″
Time playing Space Engineers 734 hours
Page views 3292
bloodinside (we think)
Number I'm thinking of 4565
Personality ESTP