How to Make Youtube Videos Buffer All The Way Like The Old Days (In Firefox)

Posted on 2024-02-13 | Updated on 2024-03-18

Remember when you could pause a video on, like, Youtube and wait and it would eventually load the whole thing so you could watch it with no buffering?

Comic of a guy pausing a Youtube video and reminiscing tearfully about the old days where it would buffer all the way to the end

I happened across a tumblr post detailing some settings to accomplish that in modern Firefox, and I wanted to document it here.

I can't guarantee that this won't stop working at some point amidst the constant churn of arbitrary updates to websites and browsers alike, but it works for me right now, and if I learn about an updated method this is where it'll be.

Update: After using my browser with these settings for a while, I've noticed that the first of them breaks online video in some cases, notably Twitch streams and the Jellyfin web client. I've reverted the changes in my browser for this reason.

How to do it

In about:config, change the following settings: